Sunday, January 6, 2013

The secret is no more!

Promptly after announcing the much needed break I was going to take from rescue, an alleged puppy mill was raided in our community and we were asked to help.  Due to the fact that this is an on going criminal investigation, we are unable to adopt the dogs to new homes at this time, but at least we are able to acknowledge that we have them in our care now!  We were able to bring 6 dogs into the rescue and I am happy to report that they are adjusting well to their new life.  We are in desperate need of donations as explained in the letter below, and where I have never asked for donations before on this blog, if you are able to help us out with a donation of any size, it would be much appreciated.

Without further ado, let me introduce you to the "Maplewood 6 Pack!"







Dear Friends,

                On Saturday, November 17, 2012 the Ohio SPCA and Shelby County Sheriff’s Department raided an alleged puppy mill in Maplewood Ohio.  In this raid 241 dogs were pulled to safety.

                We at Lost and Found K9 Rescue were able to admit 6 dogs from this raid into our rescue program with the hope of rehabilitating and adopting these dogs out as an end result.  Sadly, these dogs all came into rescue in poor shape, mentally and physically.  They had not been vaccinated, altered, and several had terrible ear infections, dental problems, and urinary tract infections.  The estimated cost of vet care alone to care for the “Maplewood 6 Pack” is $2306.00, which is a taxing amount of money for any rescue and especially a small rescue.

                We know many of you have dogs that share your heart and home, and we are asking a favor of you.  (No, we are not asking you to adopt a dog …)  What we are asking for is a monetary donation to a wonderful rescue organization that is busy saving lives.  A rescue that is allowing these dogs to experience grass under their feet for the first time in their lives, warm beds, full bellies, and human kindness. 

                Any amount that you could donate would be appreciated, and no donation is too small!  Rest assure your donation is going to a registered Ohio non-profit organization and your donation is tax deductable. 

                If you are able to donate to this cause feel free to do so one of 2 ways:

1)       Make checks payable to:   Lost & Found K9 Rescue
                                                        1890 Old Staunton Rd.
                                                 Troy, OH 45373

2)       Make a secure donation using your credit card  to our Paypal account at

Thank you,

Christie Remy,  Andrea Pindell, and Emily Browning
Lost & Found K9 Rescue

Sunday, June 3, 2012

This old blog is retiring...

Hello All!

I just want to say thank you to all of you for following this blog.  The people I have met on here have been so wonderful and I love reading about your lives and love of canines.

It is time for me to switch gears though.  I started this blog because I love to write.  As you know I am an avid dog rescuer but that is only one interesting thing about me.  Rescue is a huge part of who I am, but it is not all of who I am.  There was a sponsor requirement that said I had to write about my dogs in 85% of my posts, and that just felt restricting to me.  You see, I love to do other things too.  And I love to write about them also.

So, I started a new blog.  It is about everything that is important to me!  It is a combination of the urban farming, homesteading, gardening, dog rescue, reading, and everything else Emily.  I would love it if you would sign up to follow my new blog.  It would mean a lot to me!  The address is:

Thanks again, and I hope to see you there!

Cheers, Emily

Sunday, January 15, 2012

She Who Loves Dogs: Damaged Beyond Repair?

She Who Loves Dogs: Damaged Beyond Repair?: On occasion in rescue, and maybe more than I care to admit, I get discouraged and just down right mad. Tonight as I write I am sad a...

Damaged Beyond Repair?

On occasion in rescue, and maybe more than I care to admit, I get discouraged and just down right mad.  Tonight as I write I am sad and very angry.  Being involved in dog rescue and able to foster means that often I have "extra" house guests around.  One of the rescues I foster for asked me to foster a Papillon that was originally a stray at a high-kill shelter.  He was pulled by a rescue and then the rescue that I am involved with took him.  From there he was adopted very briefly by a family that was very excited about him, however he showed some aggressive behaviour and was returned to the rescue.  After working with him for a bit longer, he was adopted out another family.  Again, he came back after exhibiting aggressive behaviour.  So now we are at a cross road.... 

The general rule in rescue is that dogs that are aggressive are euthanized because the rescue is responsible for the dog if it bites someone, especially if the dog had a known aggression problem at the time of adoption.  However difficult this may be, it just doesn't make sense to ever endanger someone's child, family, or home with a dog who is a known biter.  I understand this, and usually agree with it.

The only time this really bothers me is when it is evident that the dog in question has been damaged beyond repair by a human.  I believe this is the case with Pip.  This little dog is truly a Papillon.  He is smart, funny, bouncy, and true to this breed's nature: a very delightful and charming little dog.  The problem?!  Some jerk, somewhere in this poor creature's life has broken his spirit and he has NO reason to trust anyone.  Bottom line:  This dog is afraid, and he is using his teeth to put on a show.  When he is afraid, he bites, which makes people leave him alone.  He accomplishes his mission: to never be hurt again.  Unfortunately  Pip doesn't speak our language.  He doesn't understand that he is safe, has people that only want to help him, and he will never be hurt again.  (I have told him several times tonight and my rescue friends have mentioned this to him as well!)  So the question remains: What do we do with this little dog?  Do you take the chance that he will bite again?  Do you euthanize him because he is a known bite case?  

After spending the day with Pip, I am hoping that there will be some hope for him.  He is eager to please his humans.  He is food motivated, and he appears very forgiving.  He has spent his entire day in his crate because that is where he wants to be.  He has NO confidence and is scared of everything!  I attempted to lure him out of his cage with a little garlic sprinkled chicken, and that worked briefly.  Today in his training session we accomplished "charging" the clicker, and worked on sit.  We will see what the future holds for this little guy.  I hope and pray that it is all good!  I will keep you all posted!

Friday, December 30, 2011


The egg bounty this week!

Someone asked me today why I have backyard chickens and if I really saved that much money on eggs.  I had to honestly answer: no.....  My urban flock is up to 17 birds currently, and where most of of them are not up to the age of laying eggs just yet, they will be soon!  The answer to this question is that I love knowing where my food comes from.  I love knowing that my eggs come from chickens who have been free to run around and scratch the ground.  They have eaten large amounts of fresh vegetables and have gorged on bugs.  They have been fed, watered, loved and in return they pay me back by giving me fresh eggs.  It is the security of having food in my backyard, readily at my fingertips just in case there is a some type of apocalypse and all of the grocery stores are closed down.  Backyard chickens are to me a form of security in a not so secure world.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Better To Give Than To Receive!

We all remember what it was like to be a kid at Christmas time.  The wonder, the awe, and the excitement of everything...  Well this year my daughter wanted a Kindle for Christmas.  (This was really the only thing on her list other than an ipad.)  As an avid reader myself and Kindle lover, I was very excited to learn that my parents had purchased each of the three older grandchildren Kindles.  In the weeks leading up to Christmas, all I heard from Katzya was how she really hoped for a Kindle for Christmas.  I think this photo captures the moment of surprise beautifully!  Katzya was so shocked when she opened this package, and it took her a split second to realize just what was in the box.  I love the look of surprise on her face!  We all know it is better to give than to receive, and making other people happy couldn't be conveyed any better than in this picture.  

PS:  No, I did not buy her an ipad.  Like a good parent, I bought her pajamas and flannel bed sheets.  You have to be cozy while you read your Kindle, right?!

"Is this REALLY what is in this box?!"

Friday, November 4, 2011

Saturday Blog Hop: Happy Halloween


I hope this blog post finds you all safe and happy after this weeks Halloween fun!  We had all sorts of fun carving our pumpkins and getting our costumes ready.  This year K decided to be Little Red Riding Hood and she had to have a black wig to go with her costume, however after trying it on she really was not very impressed with it.  Soon it became a prop to use on the dogs, and the effect was not quite Little Red Riding Hood.  It was more like Cher on a bad night in Las Vegas!  

Have a great Saturday and thanks for stopping by on the Blog Hop!

Larry doing his best imitation of Cher...

Stewart can't even keep a straight face in his costume!  He thinks the idea of Cher is a bit ridiculous!

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