Friday, March 25, 2011

Saturday Blog Hop: The Wisdom Of A Dog

We went letterboxing ( last weekend, and we took Suzy with us.  We went to several cemeteries looking for places to plant boxes.  One of the cemeteries had several neat gardens, and my daughter took a moment out of her day to pray at the Garden Of The Bible.  I took this picture because it honestly looks like Suzy is praying with her.  It is one of my favorites!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Spring: A Time to Renew

As spring rolls around every year, I am in awe.  To watch the world "wake up" from it's winter slumber is a miracle that amazes my over and over again.  I love to watch the rebirth of animals and plants.  I love that it is daylight longer.  My favorite thing about spring though, is that it gives me time to renew myself.  This is a season where I look forward to growing fresh vegetables, hiking with the dogs, and reading on the deck.  Take time to renew yourself this spring.  You deserve it!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

The Adventures of Suzy the Pitbull

It's me Suzy!  Today my Hoomans took me out for a hike at Charleston Falls!  I had the best time.  The littleest Hooman is who walked me today.  I tell you what, she has more energy than me!  I loved all of it, except the little Hooman wanted me to wade in the creek with her.  I wanted no part of that!  The water is still very cold, and I get chilled very easy.  The Mommy Hooman had to remind her of this...

I met some new friends on my adventure today!  This was my friend, Zero.  He is still a puppy and has a lot of growing to do.  His paws were the size to my whole head! 

This is me and my little Hooman taking a break after our long hike.

I found the first sign of Spring.... Grass! 
I can't wait to pee on the grass again!  I HATE snow...

Friday, March 18, 2011

Happy St. Patrick's Day! (One day late....)

St. Patrick's Day is an observed holiday in our house, and there is no school or work on this day.  Instead, there is a lot of Irish Dancing!  Yesterday was no different from any other year.  Katzya danced and we drove her around.  We had a blast!  We were blessed to spend the day with many friends and many laughs.  May the luck of the Irish be with you!

PS:  The luck of the Irish was with several other people and dogs yesterday also.  The Piqua shelter that has been the home base to a very large hoarding case, placed it's last 3 dogs into foster care yesterday, and with that 110 dogs are now on their way to new lives!  We pray that the 367 dogs that were owned by the same guy, but in a different county will be so lucky!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Meet Ava!

Photo credit given to Debi Canody

Meet Ava!

Ava was one of the dogs rescued from the "Jeff Burgess House of Hell".  Ava is somewhat shy due to the complete lack of socialization and care that she received during her stay with Jeff, however she is very sweet and  will make a great dog for someone!  Ava has no manners and we are going to start working on that tomorrow!  I see knowing how to sit in her near future!  :)  Ava WANTS to learn to be a dog.  I am hoping to be able to give her that. 

It was a little "hairy" here tonight when I brought Ava home.  Hazel (another rescue from the same place) does NOT like her!  It is not one of those warning snarls and growls.  It is all out: "I want to kill you!"  Hopefully, Hazel will be able to work out her issues, and will allow Ava into our pack.  (I promised Hazel that Ava would not be here forever....)   On a good note, Ava has been out in the backyard feeling grass on her feet for the first time in her life, and she has made friends with Chai (Belgian Tervuren) and Shelby (Chocolate Lab).  Ava has also learned how to sleep on the couch!

I will keep you posted on Miss Ava in the days to come, and if you know anyone who might be interested in adopting Ava please let me know!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Greatful Beings....

Sometimes I just look around my house and wonder what goes on in the minds of these dogs.  All of them are rescue dogs from one bad situation or another, and they are all so amazing!  People frequently ask, "Do all of those dogs get along?!"  Well the answer is yes, and as I sit here watching them I realize that this is because they are greatful to be here.  Each and every one of them....  This is apparent in the way that they interact with me as well as the way they interact with each other.  For example, the dog pictured above is Suzy.  Suzy is a pitbull mix that I got from the animal shelter.  Suzy was a cruelty case.  She was owned by a woman who left her out in a wire cage with flood water up to her stomach, and no food or clean water to drink.  When Suzy got here she was possesive of every resource we gave her including water!  This was because she had never had even basic care before, and she wanted all of the other dogs to know that the food and water was hers!  Sure enough though, Suzy has learned that there is no reason to act like that here.  Here Suzy is a dog who can just be herself.  She doesn't have to worry about her next meal.

Then there is Hazel.  Hazel was one of the dogs from the "Jeff Burgess House of Horrors".  She too was very possesive when she got here.  She didn't like dogs.  (Not a huge surprise to me...) She was cage aggressive and possessive over her food and water.  She is adjusting beautifully though.  She loves the other dogs, and has completely stopped resource guarding.  She is so greatful!  Today Hazel and I took a walk, and she looked so happy!  Her head was up and her tail was wagging.  It was so nice to see her like this.  A far cry from the scared dog that paced around my house and wouldn't even walk on leash 2 weeks ago.  Hazel is a wise, old soul and I have no doubt that she is greatful that she has been rescued.  The thing that I realize even more is that I am greatful to have rescued her.