Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas 2010 - Gearhart's House

Christmas this year went off in it's usual chaotic fashion.  There were kids running around hyped up on sugar and the promise of gifts, babies crying, and plenty of laughter.  Whenever you get us all together, the result is anything but quiet!  Here are just a few of my favourite pictures from the holiday....

"Please Nana, can I have some more?!"

I love this picture of Cooper and Kaitlyn.  It is so sweet!

The joy of Christmas has over taken my mother!

Larry and Heidi gave the girls $50.00 in $5.00 bills and tied them to a piece of ribbon.  Obviously this gift was very popular! 

My mom noticed that Mason Kardashian had a giraffe just like this, and if it is good enough for their baby then it is good enough for Cooper!  Please keep in mind that this looks just like a latex dog toy you would but in the USA for $3.99.  My mom ordered it online for $19.99.  My mom is a sucker!

Annie is tired after our celebrations.  Enough said....

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Christmas Photos that Failed....

May all your days be Merry and bright.....

Oh Baby, it's cold outside!

Oh, Christmas Tree! Oh, Christmas Tree!  How lovely are your branches?!

A Rescue Koi

Timmy Tim the Koi without a tail

     I am afraid of fish.  This is a strange fear and it is totally illogical, however I am absolutely phobic of them.  As you all know though, my need to rescue the helpless creatures of the world is huge as well.  I was at the local pet store when I spotted this little guy.  He was missing his tail, and somehow his little self wormed his way into my life.  I think it went sort of like this:

Solitare:  Let's look at the fish!  I want another one for my big tank.

Emily: But I hate them! (scoffing and huffing....)

Solitare:  I will let you pick out the fish to put in my aquarium! (pleading...)

Emily mopes and shuffles over to the aquarium full of small koi and notices a tail-less fish. 

Emily:  That's the fish for us! (Smiling and proud of herself.)

Solitare:  The one with no tail?!  It will die by tomorrow.

Emily:  No one else will ever adopt it, and it needs us!

Well, he sure did need us and for the record he has been LIVING with us for about 7 months.  He was well worth the $3.99 that Solitare spent on him!  (Please note that I did try to get him at a discount since he was missing some of his body parts, however the salesman said that he couldn't do that since the tail would grow back.)

Not To Be Out Done By John Katz!

Everyday I read John Katz' blog and drool over his pictures.  They are beautiful!  (He has donkeys, so of course he has a one up on me in the cute picture department!)  Finally I have caved and bought a new camera.  John Katz, I am now keeping up with you!  Don't worry though, your pets are still more photogenic than mine....

My new Nikon camera even makes a can opener look pretty!

Yes, I am annoying Sol with my new camera....

Shelby: An innocent victim to my new camera attack!

Jorge is so very handsome with my new camera! 

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A Weak Moment at the Humane Society

      I was at the Humane Society recently donating supplies, and the manager asked me if I could foster a kitten for them.  She mentioned that the kitten was anti-social and needed a place where is could learn to be a normal kitty.  Not one to turn down an animal that needs help, I immediately said yes to the request.  After a few minutes a cute teenager comes bouncing out of the Cat Room, and asks me if I have a cat carrier with me.  I explained to her that I was only intending to drop off a donation, and she reassured me that they had plenty of cardboard carriers that she could send me home with.  I filled out the necessary paperwork and I waited to have the kitty brought out to me.  And I waited....  And I waited...  Suddenly, I hear all of this commotion coming from the Cat Room, and the volunteer sticks her head out (while bleeding down her arms...) and assures me it won't take much longer.  She almost has the cat in the carrier!  The carrier is brought out to me and is placed at my feet.  I peek into the box, and there is the cutest little black and white kitten!  He looks innocent enough.  The volunteer assures me he is!  There are 2 kittens.  The black and white kitten is a companion kitty to the anti-social kitty, and can I take them both?  (The thought was that the bad kitty might learn to be nice from the good kitty.....)  Groan.....  I decide I will take both kittens.  Perky Volunteer then brings out box #2, which is hopping across the floor and there is a rather loud howling coming from inside.  (I don't even bother to peek into this carrier because I am worried that I might loose my eye!)  After a few weeks at our house, I am happy to report that the anti-social kitty is doing well and both kittens are quite comfortable at our house.

Fenway: A Creature of Comfort

Neuter Michael Vick!

Recently I read a book review about "The Lost Dogs" by Jim Gorant in People magazine.  I heard that this book was moving, and it was an excellent read.  I picked this book up from the library on Saturday, and I have been mad at Michael Vick ever since!  (I was mad about Michael Vick 2 years ago, but let me tell you it is nothing compared to what I currently feel for him.)  This book is not for the faint of heart let me tell you!  I am sick!  The author takes the dogs' view, the rescuers' view, plenty of redemption stories and then wraps it up into one powerful package.  Kudos to you Gorant!  People ask me all of the time, "Why do you have so many dogs?!"  Well, the answer is because people like Michael Vick exist!   Let me also say that Vick got off easy by paying $982,000 for the care of these dogs.  The judge should have made it mandatory that he be neutered!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Gus Gives Thanks!

About 3 weeks ago I noticed that my dog Gus just wasn't acting right.  He seemed depressed (I wasn't initially concerned about that because November was so close...).  He wasn't eating, and he was allowing people other than me to touch him.  (This was a sure sign that Gus might be dying!)  I looked at his gums and they were as white as a piece of paper.  I was panicked.  I rushed Gus to the vet where he started an IV line and ran some bloodwork.  It was discovered that Gus had Auto Immune Hemolytic Anemia.  We worked with Gus for several days and he just wasn't getting any better.  I was so upset, and I honestly thought that Gus was going to die.  Then it was suggested that we try a little chemotherapy, and Gus bounced back in a typical dachshund fashion!  He is now doing great!  His PCV was 39.6 last week, which is nearly double what is was when we went in initially.  He is eating enough food for six dachshunds, and the cats are once again running for their lives!  Gus would like to thank Dr. Eric Eisenberg, Dr. Kelley Young, and the staff at Stonyridge Veterinary Service for his exceptional vet care.  I would like to thank them too!  If it wasn't for the great care that Gus received, there is no doubt in my mind that he would have died.  Gus would also like to apologize to Peggy, his vet tech, for biting her on her birthday.  He is truly sorry for that behaviour.....  

Thanks for saving my life!

Depressed In November?!

     A friend (I won't mention your name, Solitare....) and I were discussing the other day that she gets depressed in November.  I then heard on the radio that November was the most depressing month for most Americans, and honestly I can see how November could be a depressing month.  The weather is colder, the days are shorter, and it is just generally a "blah" month.  I was thinking this over while I was doing my laundry, which was depressing in and of itself, and then I looked around me.  How could I possibly be depressed when this is what I have staring up at me?!  The more I study this picture though, I realize: My dog is depressed in November too!

Stewie the depressed bulldog.....

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Still have all of my fingers!

     I was cruising around the local farm store last week looking for an outdoor rabbit hutch, and was shocked by the $150.00 price tag on a very cheap, mass made, rabbit hutch.  I needed 2 of these things, and I was not about to pay $300.00 for something that was only going to last a short time.  Not to be discouraged I headed to Menard's (love that store....) and decided that I would make my own rabbit hutch!  It was a scary journey, and if I never use a table saw again, it will be too soon!  I am proud to report that my rabbit hutch is finished and I lost none of my fingers!  The rabbits will be moving in on Tuesday....
The finished product! 
Me and the Hutch TA-DA!