Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A Weak Moment at the Humane Society

      I was at the Humane Society recently donating supplies, and the manager asked me if I could foster a kitten for them.  She mentioned that the kitten was anti-social and needed a place where is could learn to be a normal kitty.  Not one to turn down an animal that needs help, I immediately said yes to the request.  After a few minutes a cute teenager comes bouncing out of the Cat Room, and asks me if I have a cat carrier with me.  I explained to her that I was only intending to drop off a donation, and she reassured me that they had plenty of cardboard carriers that she could send me home with.  I filled out the necessary paperwork and I waited to have the kitty brought out to me.  And I waited....  And I waited...  Suddenly, I hear all of this commotion coming from the Cat Room, and the volunteer sticks her head out (while bleeding down her arms...) and assures me it won't take much longer.  She almost has the cat in the carrier!  The carrier is brought out to me and is placed at my feet.  I peek into the box, and there is the cutest little black and white kitten!  He looks innocent enough.  The volunteer assures me he is!  There are 2 kittens.  The black and white kitten is a companion kitty to the anti-social kitty, and can I take them both?  (The thought was that the bad kitty might learn to be nice from the good kitty.....)  Groan.....  I decide I will take both kittens.  Perky Volunteer then brings out box #2, which is hopping across the floor and there is a rather loud howling coming from inside.  (I don't even bother to peek into this carrier because I am worried that I might loose my eye!)  After a few weeks at our house, I am happy to report that the anti-social kitty is doing well and both kittens are quite comfortable at our house.

Fenway: A Creature of Comfort

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  1. So you are going to find them homes ... right??? LOL Good Job Em!