Sunday, November 14, 2010

Still have all of my fingers!

     I was cruising around the local farm store last week looking for an outdoor rabbit hutch, and was shocked by the $150.00 price tag on a very cheap, mass made, rabbit hutch.  I needed 2 of these things, and I was not about to pay $300.00 for something that was only going to last a short time.  Not to be discouraged I headed to Menard's (love that store....) and decided that I would make my own rabbit hutch!  It was a scary journey, and if I never use a table saw again, it will be too soon!  I am proud to report that my rabbit hutch is finished and I lost none of my fingers!  The rabbits will be moving in on Tuesday....
The finished product! 
Me and the Hutch TA-DA!


  1. Super impressive!!!! Want to build a goat shed for us??? LOL! Micki

  2. I think I am going to hang up my tool belt for a little while.... PS: I want a goat!