Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas 2010 - Gearhart's House

Christmas this year went off in it's usual chaotic fashion.  There were kids running around hyped up on sugar and the promise of gifts, babies crying, and plenty of laughter.  Whenever you get us all together, the result is anything but quiet!  Here are just a few of my favourite pictures from the holiday....

"Please Nana, can I have some more?!"

I love this picture of Cooper and Kaitlyn.  It is so sweet!

The joy of Christmas has over taken my mother!

Larry and Heidi gave the girls $50.00 in $5.00 bills and tied them to a piece of ribbon.  Obviously this gift was very popular! 

My mom noticed that Mason Kardashian had a giraffe just like this, and if it is good enough for their baby then it is good enough for Cooper!  Please keep in mind that this looks just like a latex dog toy you would but in the USA for $3.99.  My mom ordered it online for $19.99.  My mom is a sucker!

Annie is tired after our celebrations.  Enough said....

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Christmas Photos that Failed....

May all your days be Merry and bright.....

Oh Baby, it's cold outside!

Oh, Christmas Tree! Oh, Christmas Tree!  How lovely are your branches?!

A Rescue Koi

Timmy Tim the Koi without a tail

     I am afraid of fish.  This is a strange fear and it is totally illogical, however I am absolutely phobic of them.  As you all know though, my need to rescue the helpless creatures of the world is huge as well.  I was at the local pet store when I spotted this little guy.  He was missing his tail, and somehow his little self wormed his way into my life.  I think it went sort of like this:

Solitare:  Let's look at the fish!  I want another one for my big tank.

Emily: But I hate them! (scoffing and huffing....)

Solitare:  I will let you pick out the fish to put in my aquarium! (pleading...)

Emily mopes and shuffles over to the aquarium full of small koi and notices a tail-less fish. 

Emily:  That's the fish for us! (Smiling and proud of herself.)

Solitare:  The one with no tail?!  It will die by tomorrow.

Emily:  No one else will ever adopt it, and it needs us!

Well, he sure did need us and for the record he has been LIVING with us for about 7 months.  He was well worth the $3.99 that Solitare spent on him!  (Please note that I did try to get him at a discount since he was missing some of his body parts, however the salesman said that he couldn't do that since the tail would grow back.)

Not To Be Out Done By John Katz!

Everyday I read John Katz' blog and drool over his pictures.  They are beautiful!  (He has donkeys, so of course he has a one up on me in the cute picture department!)  Finally I have caved and bought a new camera.  John Katz, I am now keeping up with you!  Don't worry though, your pets are still more photogenic than mine....

My new Nikon camera even makes a can opener look pretty!

Yes, I am annoying Sol with my new camera....

Shelby: An innocent victim to my new camera attack!

Jorge is so very handsome with my new camera!