Sunday, December 5, 2010

A Rescue Koi

Timmy Tim the Koi without a tail

     I am afraid of fish.  This is a strange fear and it is totally illogical, however I am absolutely phobic of them.  As you all know though, my need to rescue the helpless creatures of the world is huge as well.  I was at the local pet store when I spotted this little guy.  He was missing his tail, and somehow his little self wormed his way into my life.  I think it went sort of like this:

Solitare:  Let's look at the fish!  I want another one for my big tank.

Emily: But I hate them! (scoffing and huffing....)

Solitare:  I will let you pick out the fish to put in my aquarium! (pleading...)

Emily mopes and shuffles over to the aquarium full of small koi and notices a tail-less fish. 

Emily:  That's the fish for us! (Smiling and proud of herself.)

Solitare:  The one with no tail?!  It will die by tomorrow.

Emily:  No one else will ever adopt it, and it needs us!

Well, he sure did need us and for the record he has been LIVING with us for about 7 months.  He was well worth the $3.99 that Solitare spent on him!  (Please note that I did try to get him at a discount since he was missing some of his body parts, however the salesman said that he couldn't do that since the tail would grow back.)

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