Saturday, January 1, 2011

Jack Russell Terrorists!

I have been house sitting for Christie and Brent Remy while they have been on vacation.  For those of you who don't know, they are very involved in rescue and Jack Russells are their breed of choice.  Now, I know this is not every one's breed of choice and in the past has not been my favourite either.  However, I challenge you to spend any amount of time with Christie's dogs, and still have that opinion.  You will find that these are actually very delightful little creatures!  (Although they did chase a raccoon into the dog room where it became very angry and it was a bit of a challenge getting it out.) I love them and their scrappy little attitudes!

This is Ziggy the wonder dog, and the love of my life!  I would OWN this dog.  He is the best JRT that was ever created!

Protecting their home and hearth from their arch-nemesis:  the squirrel!

(Behind every great pack of JRT's there is a chihuahua that runs the show!)

Gali, Solitare, and Roxi sharing a good laugh!

This is a wise dog, and a very old soul.  I love him!

Me:  "Gali, do your parents allow you to sit on the dining room table?"
Gali:  "Yes, yes they do!"

Gali getting some serious air!

Tug O' War

Yes Brent, you were right.  See?!  I got the picture to prove it! 

Christmas 2010 - Browning Family

Christmas is always my favorite time of the year.  It is a time for family, and that is what I love the most about it.  We went to Amy and Larry's house this year for Christmas, and it was a great time!  These are the highlights:

Cooper  decked out in his Christmas apperal.  Really is he not the cutest?!

Angie taking time for a picture with the boys.  For those of you who don't know Angie, it is virtually impossible to get a picture of her.  She hates pictures.  I think I was 4 years old in the last picture I have with her.....

A boy and his truck.....  Isaac LOVES trucks and I snapped this picture as he was running his truck up and down the table. 

Amy and Larry, well maybe just Amy, have a little dog named Bella.  Of course, Katzya fell in love with her.....

Amy's laugh is one of my favourite things about us getting together at the holidays.  When I think of laughing, I think if Amy.  I am so glad I got this picture!

When a women doesn't have a glass, what is she supposed to do?!

Amy got a new Nikon camera for Christmas too!  We are a Nikon family!

Dad and his story about a hooker...  There is nothing else to say on this one!