Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas 2010 - Gearhart's House

Christmas this year went off in it's usual chaotic fashion.  There were kids running around hyped up on sugar and the promise of gifts, babies crying, and plenty of laughter.  Whenever you get us all together, the result is anything but quiet!  Here are just a few of my favourite pictures from the holiday....

"Please Nana, can I have some more?!"

I love this picture of Cooper and Kaitlyn.  It is so sweet!

The joy of Christmas has over taken my mother!

Larry and Heidi gave the girls $50.00 in $5.00 bills and tied them to a piece of ribbon.  Obviously this gift was very popular! 

My mom noticed that Mason Kardashian had a giraffe just like this, and if it is good enough for their baby then it is good enough for Cooper!  Please keep in mind that this looks just like a latex dog toy you would but in the USA for $3.99.  My mom ordered it online for $19.99.  My mom is a sucker!

Annie is tired after our celebrations.  Enough said....

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