Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Neuter Michael Vick!

Recently I read a book review about "The Lost Dogs" by Jim Gorant in People magazine.  I heard that this book was moving, and it was an excellent read.  I picked this book up from the library on Saturday, and I have been mad at Michael Vick ever since!  (I was mad about Michael Vick 2 years ago, but let me tell you it is nothing compared to what I currently feel for him.)  This book is not for the faint of heart let me tell you!  I am sick!  The author takes the dogs' view, the rescuers' view, plenty of redemption stories and then wraps it up into one powerful package.  Kudos to you Gorant!  People ask me all of the time, "Why do you have so many dogs?!"  Well, the answer is because people like Michael Vick exist!   Let me also say that Vick got off easy by paying $982,000 for the care of these dogs.  The judge should have made it mandatory that he be neutered!

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