Saturday, March 12, 2011

Greatful Beings....

Sometimes I just look around my house and wonder what goes on in the minds of these dogs.  All of them are rescue dogs from one bad situation or another, and they are all so amazing!  People frequently ask, "Do all of those dogs get along?!"  Well the answer is yes, and as I sit here watching them I realize that this is because they are greatful to be here.  Each and every one of them....  This is apparent in the way that they interact with me as well as the way they interact with each other.  For example, the dog pictured above is Suzy.  Suzy is a pitbull mix that I got from the animal shelter.  Suzy was a cruelty case.  She was owned by a woman who left her out in a wire cage with flood water up to her stomach, and no food or clean water to drink.  When Suzy got here she was possesive of every resource we gave her including water!  This was because she had never had even basic care before, and she wanted all of the other dogs to know that the food and water was hers!  Sure enough though, Suzy has learned that there is no reason to act like that here.  Here Suzy is a dog who can just be herself.  She doesn't have to worry about her next meal.

Then there is Hazel.  Hazel was one of the dogs from the "Jeff Burgess House of Horrors".  She too was very possesive when she got here.  She didn't like dogs.  (Not a huge surprise to me...) She was cage aggressive and possessive over her food and water.  She is adjusting beautifully though.  She loves the other dogs, and has completely stopped resource guarding.  She is so greatful!  Today Hazel and I took a walk, and she looked so happy!  Her head was up and her tail was wagging.  It was so nice to see her like this.  A far cry from the scared dog that paced around my house and wouldn't even walk on leash 2 weeks ago.  Hazel is a wise, old soul and I have no doubt that she is greatful that she has been rescued.  The thing that I realize even more is that I am greatful to have rescued her.


  1. May God Bless you and all of your rescues and may he keep you strong, healthy and in good sprits always.

    Lexi and Christina

  2. what a lovely story! Hazel is a beauty, she is so lucky you found her as I am sure you feel fortunate to have found her as well.
    Thanks for stopping by our Blog Kritters that Twitter. This is the first time to yours, that is why I love the Blog Hops! We get to meet new pet lovers. Have a great Funday.

    Lisa, Madison and Abigail

  3. Following you back from the hop:-)
    I'm on the road, but when I get back home, I'll come back over, and get to know you better!

  4. Thanks so much for becoming a follower of Bocci's Beefs-I just returned the favor and I'm off to add you to my blogroll!
    I just read your post and have tears in my eyes. I'd be grateful if you'd stop back over to Bocci's beefs and check out the book of dog rescue stories that I have planned. Go to the top of the sidebar and click "Your Rescue Stories". It will take you to a separate page that explains the details for submission and the main idea behind the book. You captured it beautifully in your post above about Suzy and Hazel. We'd be thrilled to have your story or stories!
    Interestingly, I've been in contact with a dog lover and rescuer from India, who's going to promote the book on her blog and submit a story, too. We hop this turns out to be a grand, worldwide affair!

  5. Hi! Thanks so much for stopping by this evening to introduce yourself. It's always nice to meet another fellow pet blogger. Will I see you at Blogpaws? Glad you enjoyed your visit and I hope to see you again soon.