Sunday, February 27, 2011

A Fairytail of Epic Proportion!

Once upon a time in a land far away, there was a princess.  Her name was Hazel.  Hazel spent all of her days and nights locked in a dungeon.  It was dark there, and damp.  There was no heat, and seldom any food.  Hazel was a peaceful little girl, about 10 years old.  She only wanted to be loved, and to love in return.  She meant no harm to anyone she met, not even to the evil toothless ogre that kept her locked in this dungeon.  (The evil toothless ogre's name was Jeff.)  Hazel paced around her 4 foot by 6 foot cell, just praying that she would escape one day.  She remembered a life where she once was loved, where she lived inside, where she ate good food.  She remembered what it felt like to have the sun hit her face!  Oh, how she would give ANYTHING to feel that again!   Hazel couldn't understand why she was here.  What had she done?  Hazel was frustrated, so she prayed.... and she prayed.... and she prayed. And as everyone knows, prayers do not fall on deaf ears!   And finally, one day Hazel's prayers were answered!  Angels came into the dungeon and freed her!  They said, "Hazel you are such a pretty girl!  You are so kind, and you never gave up believing that one day your life would be different!"  And oh, how different it was!  Two of the angel's took a great liking to Hazel, actually it was more like love.  They said, "Come with us Hazel.  Let us love you, and you will never want again.  You will be loved, and cherished and you can live the rest of your life doing what you want to do!"  Hazel thought this sounded like a pretty good idea, and that is what she decided to do!  So, off Hazel went.  Into the sunshine!  Never to look back at that dungeon again, and she surely wouldn't miss that toothless ogre!  Hazel was now going to live: HAPPILY EVER AFTER!    


  1. Miss Hazel will learn quickly how much she has been missing and greatly appreciate all that you have done for her and will do for her. You are wonderful Emily. Thank you for being her "Angel"!

  2. I enjoyed Hazel's story...reminded me of one I wrote in a similar theme: