Friday, December 30, 2011


The egg bounty this week!

Someone asked me today why I have backyard chickens and if I really saved that much money on eggs.  I had to honestly answer: no.....  My urban flock is up to 17 birds currently, and where most of of them are not up to the age of laying eggs just yet, they will be soon!  The answer to this question is that I love knowing where my food comes from.  I love knowing that my eggs come from chickens who have been free to run around and scratch the ground.  They have eaten large amounts of fresh vegetables and have gorged on bugs.  They have been fed, watered, loved and in return they pay me back by giving me fresh eggs.  It is the security of having food in my backyard, readily at my fingertips just in case there is a some type of apocalypse and all of the grocery stores are closed down.  Backyard chickens are to me a form of security in a not so secure world.

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